Small Prints Photography: Blog en-us (C) All content is copyright of Donna Gray all rights reserved (Small Prints Photography) Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:33:00 GMT Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:33:00 GMT Small Prints Photography: Blog 120 88 Baby Erin - 7 days new! I was delighted to be able to work with the Milne family again. Returning with their newest addition baby Erin,

who was just 7 days new when I photographed her. Capturing ow tiny newborns are at this stage, yet how expressive they can be, and how unique they look is the best part of my job. I just love working with families to create lasting memories of this beautiful stage in their new babies development.

Erin in a special shawl the family brought with them.

A wee Easter Bunny ! 

Just peaceful and contented. 

Erin gifting us a little grin! 





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So do you really hang babies from branches? How on earth can that safe? So do you really hang babies off branches? No! absolutely not I said to the lady at the checkout, no shot is worth risking babies safety. So I was doing my shopping and the assistant and me got chatting, turns out she knew a family who I'd photographed and she was curious to know how I could do these poses safely. 

One thing I feel very strongly about is baby safety, and this is a shot I'd never attempted until I had trained with some of the best and most experienced newborn photographers in the world. This one particular course, cost in excess of £3000 but it was worth every single penny when you want to be better at your craft. It wasn't the first class I've taken and it hasn't been the last because I want to continue to get better at what I do.  

The shot the lady was talking about was one something like this one. 

And this is partly how it is created. This is a video only shows part of the editing process. But as you can see baby is kept safe the whole time and we wouldn't do it any other way. 

Above you can see the baby is soundly asleep, and very relaxed, if the baby was tense her fist would be clenched tight, she is in a 'milk drunk' state an expression you may have heard to describe babies who are very content and soundly sleeping.babies But as any well trained newborn photographer knows babies reflexes can make babies startle in the blink of an eye. It's one of the reasons I love working in the studio as I can control light, temperature and sounds, to keep babies as comfortable and relaxed as possible and make sessions as successful as possible. it also makes for a more relaxed experience for new mums and dads! 

Underneath baby is a very large soft beanbag, about 3ft thick from the floor and as you can see by the shadow under babies hand, her dangling hand is just about an inch - two inches off the beanbag. Dads hand is wrapped in the 'knot' above baby, and one hand is always on her body to keep her steady and supported. We edit that hand out later and fix the backdrop. 

These aren't the only considerations, babies won't be in this position for long, and the whole time I am looking to make sure babies circulation isn't compromised in any limbs, as you can see her hands are lovely and pink. 

So, did you really think I hung babies form branches? 



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Beautiful Black and Whites of baby Henley newborn Photography Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire  

Some beautiful black and white previews of baby Henley. I love how these show off his beautiful baby lashes and his lanugo.

All content ©Donna Gray Small Prints Photography

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How much do you value your newborn baby photography?

So, you've fallen in love with the images, you've decided I'm the photographer for you! That is fantastic, I can't wait to meet you and your little one! 

But what? You haven't booked yet? But why?

Are you or your partner worried about costs? Friends may have said they used xyz photographer and they were SO much cheaper but you may have seen a couple of images and although they were lovely they just weren’t your style. Perhaps you've seen photographers with special 'deals' or offers to tempt you in but you aren't 100% convinced there will be no hard sell of the images. Perhaps you prefer someone more experienced, rather than someone with portfolio building offers but no really baby posing experience?

I'd say, always, always, ALWAYS choose your photographer for the style of the images - not for any other reason. 

In years to come you want to remember such a special time with fond memories and with no regrets. 

This is a truly special photo shoot right?!

This is as important as choosing your wedding photographer - once in a lifetime

Newborn baby Photography AberdeenReview baby photography aberdeen

Regarding costs, everyone has different budgets but everyone also has different priorities. How much will you spend on the latest travel system? The nursery furniture? All of which only provide for certain stages of your littles ones upbringing But these images, they will last a lifetime and give generations of memories. Your baby might ask what his hair was like? How tiny was I? Did I have a first teddy? But they are unlikely to ask if they had the trendiest pram. 

I realise how precious these memories are so have put several things in place to make accessing a bespoke newborn photography session as affordable as possible. I want you to have no regrets, I want you to have these newborn portraits, an dhave exactly what you want on the wall or in an album to show off your images.

  1. Plan ahead, decide on your collection and begin to pay in advance of your maternity leave.
  2. Perhaps suggest Small Prints gift Vouchers to friends, relatives or colleagues rather than outfits and baby shower gifts - a lasting gift for baby?
  3. Remember we offer 0% finance options (subject to terms and conditions and acceptance, more details below) 
  4. Know that if you are an NHS key worker, Teacher, emergency service employee or in the armed forces I offer a discount as a ‘thank you’ for your essential services.

Regarding our zero percent interest option here are a couple of illustrations.

Example 1.

To purchase our work of heart collection.

Deposit of £99, ( includes your session fee) then 9 payments of just £99 per month would provide you with your session and the work of heart collection including all your final images for you to make unlimited reprints. (

​​​​​​Example 2.

To purchase the same collection but over 12 payments. 

Deposit of £99 ( includes the session fee) then 12 payments of £74.25 Would provide you with your session and our most popular collection.

You can use the handy calculator to work out what option would be best for you. You can see our pricing and collections just here. 


If you’d like to chat more about the best option for you, just drop me a email at

Just calculate above how much deposit you wish to pay, and which timescale suits you best, then send me those details, then I will send you an application form to be filled in, confidentially online in the comfort of your own home.

To read more of our amazing reviews visit our facebook page and make sure to like us to follow news from Small Prints

NEXT WEEK .. But what if my baby doesn’t settle for our newborn session?

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Why I will never photograph a wedding and what I have in common with Digby Brown.  

I’m just going to put this out there – I still absolutely LOVE our wedding photos. But we didn’t just pick Logan at Deeside Photographics for his sharp camera skills; it was his people skills too – having watched him shoot before, every little detail was picked up on before he even touched the shutter button (from an in-turned pocket to a rogue flower) and he quickly put the bride and groom at ease.

However, when I set out to learn photography, it was with one clear goal in mind: taking pictures of newborns to the best of my ability. So, I’ve put all my efforts into solely and truly specialising in this. For me, this needs a completely different skill set. Where as your wedding photorgapher needs to almost be a master of ceremonies; Your newborn photorgapher needs to not worry if you are running late, and needs to be very very good at settling your baby and addressing any anxieties you may have. 

Although I’ve been asked to shoot everything from weddings to products and landscapes, I’ve turned them down. You might be thinking this is ridiculous (she has a camera – surely she can use it for anything?) and, as an entrepreneur, I should be grasping every opportunity to rake in more pennies… but it’s not so crazy.

Put it this way – although I can change a car tyre and even replace a wiper blade, you wouldn’t hire me to fix your car, would you? So, if I’m not an event or commercial photography specialist, I shouldn’t be promoting myself as one. 

In other words, it’s very difficult to be a specialist if you’re ‘specialising’ in a whole host of things – instead, my approach is to focus on one niche, perfect it as far as possible and always strive to get better.

Still not get my point? Digby Brown sums it up quite nicely below – they believe the right person doing the right job is what matters.

I don’t think you should ever claim to know everything about your craft - every day is a school day for sure! As a perfectionist, I am always striving to get better at what I do. As a true specialist in newborn photography (and one with experience of soothing six wee ones of my own!), I’ve captured special moments from hundreds of babies over the years – and put their families at ease too, just I trusted my wedding photography expert to do with us on our big day.

It’s about knowing the tricks of the trade, which can only be perfected with time and experience – calmly and confidently soothing your newborn baby into a peaceful slumber, whilst keeping them comfy, cosy & safe.

It’s about the hosting you in the correct space too – I describe my photography room as being like a womb; warm and relaxed (and stocked with all the right tech, lights, props and baby things). And, most importantly, it’s about putting baby’s safety before everything else; sessions are baby-led and forcing things is never an option.

Choosing a newborn photographer is equally as important as your wedding photographer – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to record the very beginning of a little life.

So, make sure you’ve got the right person doing the right job.

PS. I wasn't sure if I was the only one thinking this about newborn photorgaphy beig such a specailst genre, so i asked Logan at Deeside Photographics what he thought.

"I would call Donna, the ' baby whisperer' her work in Newborn Baby Photography is simply outstanding. It's an area I tried a couple of times, but it was not for me! You need a few years experience in this field, and Donna has a lovely nature, and has simply nailed it" - Logan Sangster, Deeside Photographics 

Still not convinced? Check out reviews from more than 80 happy customers on my Facebook page, Google profile and studio visitors’ book. I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful bundle of joy very soon!






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Three of the best newborn gift ideas raved about by Small Prints mums.


Whether you are a parent to be, or a grandma or relative looking for the perfect gift it can be hard to know what to give that will be a beautiful keepsake or a practical well-used gift. I asked some of our clients which were the best 3 baby gifts they received on or before their babies arrival and these are the just three of the gifts they raved about. 

Claire mummy of 2 boys I've had the pleasure of photographing, said

"The Boy Who Lost His Name Book. was our favourite gift, it's a personalised gift so it makes a lovely keepsake. I've give one to all our family and friends since receiving"

You can see those here and even preview the book as you create it. You don't have a lot to do, all you put in is the child's name and their super duper software creates the book and previews it for you, how cool is that! You can order online from 

Debra, recommended the Tommee Tippee travel bottle warmer flask. Again it's a simple thing. But it's perfectly sized and equips you with the hot water and container you need to perfectly fit babies bottle of either expressed milk or formula when out and about. I remember we had one of these too and I'd second that and it's quite inexpensive for the amount of use we got from it. 

Debra said "I got a Tommee tippee flask. Perfect for when your out and about with the little one for a good few hours. Fits perfectly in my changing bag. And the water obviously stays hot very a very long time"

Clare said The best gift she received was a buggy organiser. 

"My friend gave me a buggy organiser which I can put my keys, purse, wipes, tissues etc save me finding it in the bag. I give all my friends one now."  

The one Clare has is just here but there are many on the market when you go looking such a small but practical thing can help such alot when you have so much to do and so much to keep eyes on with a newborn while out traveling or shopping. 

What were your favourite gifts or purchases?

Don't forget if you are looking for a very timeless, very special gift for a new baby, or the gift for someone who has everything already, then Small Prints has gift vouchers available for any chosen amount. Newborn photography is a lasting gift that both parents and baby will treasure in years to come. 

( please note none of these links are affiliated in any way) 


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Fabulous Friday news! My newborn Photography sessions have been Shortlisted in the Made For Mums awards 2018 for best baby gift/keepsake! Such a lovely end to a very busy week. 

This category is judged on innovation, appeal to parents and children, quality of content and quality of the product.

MadeForMums Awards test and select the very best products parents can buy. They recognise and reward the very best products, brands and services currently available in the parenting industry. 

Being the number one website the in the UK for professional parenting reviews, their huge teams of experts, mums and dads (and their children) are ready to thoroughly test products and award them with coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Baby Odin otherwise known as baby 'Olaf'! Baby Odin was just so sweet I'm having a ball editing his gallery! So many beautiful shots of him and his big sister too. She loved him being dressed as "Olaf" I hope she has stopped calling him that now, or I'm in trouble! Christmas shots with your newborn are SO much fun. They will never be this small again! 

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Newborn Twins rock their newborn session at Small Prints It's always a privilege to be asked to photograph a newborn baby, but twice as much of a privilege when I'm asked to document the first early days of twins! It's almost like getting a little sneak peek of how babies would be snuggled together close inside during pregnancy.  

Here is a little preview of our lastest twins in the studio, two beautiful baby girls.

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Tips on keeping your session files safe. This is just a reminder to back up your digital files regularly. This post was prompted a couple of weeks ago when I was contacted by a family I had photographed around 18 months ago. They had loaded their USB to a laptop and none of the photos would load or show up correctly, this meant they could not view or print from them :-(.

In this case, thank goodness, the laptop was to blame and the files were safe and showed and loaded correctly on another computer. Thankfully I'd kept their files as they were to be printed on some studio samples and displays, so in this case, I'd have been able to help if the worst had happened. But I can not keep files for everyone indefinitely and many images must be deleted to keep our systems working to an optimum. 

However, imagine for a moment if it was the USB that had corrupted. I may not still have your files, as our files are turned over and storage is formatted and overwritten quite regularly due to the demand for my work.

Our USB's are the highest quality, but digital media can not be relied upon as archival storage.


So, here are some tips to minimise the chance of any problems

  • PRINT what is most precious to you (it's your best back up) Albums are great for this as you can show off a large selection of images in a small space.
  • back up ALL the photos in several locations, for example- copy to grandmas house (off site storage) in case of fire, flood, etc. A copy in the cloud (online storage) accessable from anywhere in the world should you own system fail, or even if you want to share with relatives abroad. A copy on a hard drive and/or a 'hard' copy on another high-quality USB kept in another location at home.
  • Keep your Small Prints copy as a MASTER copy and check on the files once in a while.
  • Make a copy to print from if using suppliers locally, so that you guard yourself against viruses from systems elsewhere. 
  • Always eject media correctly from your computer before removing from your laptop/pc/mac/laptop
  • Store media in a cool dry dust free place, away from any magnetic fields and extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Store with any covers supplied placed on the USB components.


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Baby Innes - Youngest apprentice builder! Baby photography, Monymusk, Inverurie I was delighted to be asked to photography Baby Innes for Emma & Mark. Mark's a builder and owns his own company Mark Paterson Builder Ltd so as well as natural images, we also created some with his new son posed in his builders bucket alongside some of his builders tools. 

Innes rocked his newborn session and was a little charmer, I have a huge gallery and i'm not sure how Mark and Emma will choose which to showcase on their walls. These are just a few of my favourites. 


Young Apprentice - With my Daddies tools

Young Apprentice - With his Daddies tools

In my Daddies hands In Dads safe hands

Little Boys are just MAGIC !

Little boys are just MAGIC ! 

Inne's Dad is also a bit of a magician, and a member of The Magic Circle so we had to bring that through in a themed shot too.

Can you imagine the fun Innes will have at his birthday parties one day?

Even though we bring through themes we also do natural shots, just to show how beautiful babies are just on their own.


This wee crate was brought along by Mark and Emma, Innes will use it as a toy box through the coming years.  

There are much much more images to come ... I can't wait to share those too. 


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Baby B - Newborn photography Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. Baby B came with his big brother for his photos, I'd already worked with the family to create his brother's photos. Such handsome boys!

Sure to be little heartbreakers one day. 


Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus

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Big Sister Isabella comes back with baby sister Freya How beautiful are Big sister Isabella, and her baby sister Freya, Isabella was our 'cover baby' and won a Silver award with The Guild Of Photographers in June 2015 look how big she is now! I love welcoming back returning clients, it's so lovely to see big brothers and sisters coming back with the newest additions to the family. 

Isabella & Freya

Baby Freya

Isabella's silver award winning image in June 2015

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Baby Cassandra - Baby photos Aberdeen Aberdeenshire  

Beautiful Baby Cassandra rocked her newborn session. 

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Babybond Aberdeen  part of the UK’s leading diagnostic pregnancy specialist, has been reassuring women throughout every stage of their pregnancy since 1998.


Each pregnancy is different therefore the Babybond Aberdeen Healthcare teams ensure both women and baby get the professional attention needed during the gestation period.



Every Babybond scan have been rigorously designed and developed to ensure they not only provide the comfort and knowledge that you baby is growing as it should be, but also provide the detailed diagnostics, measurement and reporting expected by doctors, midwives and pediatricians, from an inspected and regulated business. 



Babybond provides a full range of 17 diagnostic ultrasound scans to complement every stage of your pregnancy journey, popular baby scans include:

  • Early Scan - From 6 weeks gestation, a 20 minute appointment to determine viability and to identify multiple pregnancies.
  • Gender Scan - Determine the sex of your baby with a comprehensive Babybond wellbeing check.
  • 4D Bonding Scan - Growth and weight estimate with Babybond wellbeing check, colour prints and 4D movie clips.



Whether you’re looking to conceive, require reassurance on baby’s progress or have a concern with your pregnancy.  Book online 24/7 for real-time appointment availability of Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen


Visit to book your scan today. Baby Scans Aberdeen


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Susanne’s top tips for an empowering birth experience


Susanne Grant from Grant Method of Birthing specialises in (Birth) Trauma, PTSD and Body Issues. She has been working all around the world helping women prepare for their birth using the KG Hypnobirthing and runs a “Heal Your Birth” programme for those to help them heal their own birth, or the birth with their little one.She works with clients in and around Aberdeen and shire, and online.


These are Susanne’s top tips for an empowering birth experience:

Tip1) Look into the way you were born

The way we are born into this world can have a long lasting effect on how we experience life and on our believe system. For example, my own birth was a traumatic forceps delivery and my umbilical cord was so tightly around my neck I couldn’t move down. My birth had a deadline, because my sister was a c-section, so I had until the next day to be born. Throughout my life I felt petrified when I was put under time pressure, at university this meant I couldn’t pass most of my exams because of performance anxiety and I needed to re-do many exams. Yet, if there was no time limit, I was absolutely fine. Besides this constant time trigger, I was never able to wear anything around my neck because it would freak me out – for some reason it made me feel unsafe. Time after time my birth was triggered in different situations without realising it, until I did the work to release it.

Tip 2) Hypnobirthing isn’t an easy trick; it is a life style choice

Embracing the possibility to be able to achieve a positive birth experience is a life changing process. To change your mindset is a daily task where you need to put yourself first; today, tomorrow and everyday to come. Fighting for your dreams isn’t selfish but it does require commitment. If you are not willing to fight for what you want, who will?

Tip 3) Don’t give your power away

I believe your partner holds great power in the way you are going to experience the birth and most of them do underestimate the amazing and positive role they can play! I think any birth worker, like myself, will agree with me on this. We have heard it all before when women come to us for support:  

“I am thinking of doing a birth preparation course...”
“I want a home birth, because that’s where I feel safe...”
“I want to hire a doula...”

But my partner doesn’t think it is necessary. Or my partner thinks it is too expensive. Or he believes my birth shouldn't be where I want it to be as he thinks it's not safe. 

 You wouldn’t believe it, if I told you how many times women told me this in just one year! The way a woman gives birth is an experience that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Make sure it is a memory you want to remember! I really believe most of the negative experiences during birth can be avoided with the right preparation and the right support. Whatever this means to your family! Don’t give your power away, but work together to achieve what you want.

Tip 4) Surround yourself with people that want you to succeed!

Having the right support can make or break your birth experience. But what is right for you as a woman? It may be completely differ from my view which is absolutely fine! Trust me, normality comes in many different shape and forms these days. But where do you find positive support? A good place to start may be the Positive Birth Movement, which is a global movement hosting free antenatal classes all around the world. For more information and to find your local group, visit the website []. Together with hypnobirthing Doula Satu I run the group in Aberdeen and Shire, Scotland, and we have a range of freely available resources available in our group and the website [] to help you achieve your own positive birth experience. 

To find out more about Susanne’s Hypnobirthing Course and support for releasing negative believes around past births and future births, please visit her website. []

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Baby Brody 6 days new and rocking his baby photography shoot ! Baby Brody 6 days old and just adorable !

]]> (Small Prints Photography) ABERDEEN ABERDEENSHIRE BABY LEADING NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY Thu, 18 Feb 2016 09:15:00 GMT
Newborn Photo Session Baby Jada A little peak at what I got up to with Baby Jada at her Newborn Photography Session 

Baby Jada Newborn photography Aberdeen

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2015 .. WOW what a year for Small Prints Photography ! January 2015 kicked of with a gold award from SWPP, and Small Prints Newborn Photography was voted  'Best Keep Sake' award from Acheive Magazine. I was nominated as one of 8 'rising stars in 'Photo professional Magazine' by Mark Cleghorn from The Photographers Academy

February: I qualified as a Craftsman of the Guild of Newborn and Baby Photographers, won 2 Bronze awards with them and also a further gold award from SWPP.

March : One of my images won a much sought after Silver award with the guild, I was also awarded a bronze in the same month for another image. I then got a call from Julie Oswin, Editor of 'Creative Light magazine' and was delighted when she asked if my image could appear on the front page.

April:. I achieved another bronze award from the Guild. 

May:  I caught my breath, just as I received the news of making it through to the finals of the TREND awards

June: I was elected as a Scottish Ambassador for the Baby and Newborn Photography Association  and later in the month Small Prints was mentioned in the Scottish Parliament, regarding the very important issue of baby safety during posing. 

"Motion S4M-13631: Dennis Robertson, Aberdeenshire West, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 24/06/2015

Donna Gray, Baby and Newborn Photographers Association 

That the Parliament congratulates Donna Gray, who runs the Alford-based business. Small Prints Photography, on being elected as an ambassador in Scotland for the Baby and Newborn Photographers Association; understands that, in attempting to copy the style of highly-skilled professionals, amateur photographers can accidently pose a danger to babies; congratulates the ambassadors on their work to ensure that such photographs are taken in a manner that puts the safety of the babies first; commends Donna's dedication to raising awareness on how to photograph babies safely, and wishes her all the best.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, David Torrance, Nanette Milne, Bill Kidd, Joan McAlpine, Rob Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Stewart Stevenson, Claire Baker, Richard Lyle, Gil Paterson, Anne McTaggart, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Kevin Stewart, Roderick Campbell"

July: I had news of 3 Bronze awards from the Guild of Photographers, and this was our busiest month for the business so far with a record number of babies visiting and coming back with their new little brothers or sisters which was lovely to see. 
August: I was listed as one of the top 100 Mumpreneurs in the UK, by MumpreneurUK 

September: I entered 2 images in the Master Photographers Association Open Newborn Photography competition. One image reached the final 3 and won an award of Excellence, the other received a merit. I also received a Bronze with the Guild of Photographers once again. 

Small Prints Photography: blog content &emdash;

October: I have been shortlisted for a Prima Baby Magazine award, news on this will come in Spring 2016 after further judging has taken place. I am also shortlisted in The Guardian Small Business Showcase, Small Business Innovation 2015-2016

November: Well it looks like this is the month I began my Christmas shopping, caught my breath and prepared the business for the Christmas babies. I'd not entered any competitions in November. 

December: I have just received the news that one of my images has reached the final of the Newborn Image of the year competition with The Guild. I'll find out in February if I'll go any further in the contest. 


And meanwhile,back at HQ : My husband has started his business Odd Socks Enterprise with Socks our 6 year old gyspy Cob.  Our six children have turned 13, 11, 10, 7, 6, and 3 ! We have said hello to the teenage years with our eldest, and said goodbye to nappies, and potties with our youngest.  With our eldest in S2 and our youngest started a few hours of Nursery each week, I can't express enough just how quickly time flies by. They are only tiny for a fleeting time.. try to enjoy it and preserve all the precious memories you can, in the best ways you can !

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you is all I can say to all my clients in 2015, and all those booked through into 2016. I hope you have all enjoyed your experience at Small Prints Photography; my reviews certainly show that you have ! Your little ones make Small Prints what it is and let me achieve far more than I could ever have imagined when I began training back in 2010, with the mild thought that maybe, just maybe I could possibly make it work, and I exchanged my supermarket vouchers for more camera equipment. 

I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy 2016 filled with happy memories for the years to come. 




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Baby Anishka, 10 days new - Baby Photos Aberdeen

Small Prints Photography By Donna Gray CRGNBP, AWSPP, Cr.PA.  Newborn baby Photographer serving Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and beyond.

]]> (Small Prints Photography) ABERDEEN NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY aberdeenshire newborn specialist newborn photography Sun, 15 Nov 2015 09:00:00 GMT