Fellow #QueenOf winner Queen of Teddy ID tags joins me on the 'Small Talk' blog.

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Fellow #QueenOf and #KingOf winners join me over at the Small talk blog.

On Thursday 27th of November Small Prints Photography was awarded #Queenof Newborn Photography on Twitter, from the @AquaDesignGroup in Stockport. I was very pleased to win #QueenOf award which I blogged about at the time. You can read more about my own award just HERE

The #Queenof and #Kingof awards were created by businessman Dylan Moore, CEO of the Aqua Design Group. Inspired by the Queen's Jubilee, Dylan decided to start a #QueenOf day on Twitter which was run every Thursday from 9am to 9pm. For more details of how to enter your own small business head over there every Thursday and tweet to Andy Quinn.

These #Queenof and #Kingof awards, are awarded to women and men in business, who manage inspirational and customer focused small businesses in the UK. It's been a brilliant network to be invited into it's fabulous to have #royalconnections ;-)

So in the spirit of supporting other small businesses, particularly those who are owned and run by parents themselves and those who offer products to our clients here is our first guest blog post by fellow #QueenOf winner Jade, Queen of Teddy Id Tags, from Tag a Teddy.

Hi I am Jade, a busy mother to three little boys. After my youngest lost his favourite teddy and was totally distraught I decided to do some research into a way to prevent it from happening in the future. I realised there was nothing available that would safeguard my child’s teddies and so I created Tag A Teddy.

Our Teddy ID Tags are safe and secure and are also machine washable a must when that scruffy little teddy gets dragged around everywhere. They are suitable from birth and contain a Qr Code that can be scanned when someone picks up your child’s lost teddy. It will then automatically redirect them to our website www.tagateddy.com where they can enter your unique 5 digit number found on your tag. This will take them directly to your profile that you have created. On this profile they will be able to view contact details of your choice such as address, telephone number, social media links. This way only the details you want to provide can be seen making it safe and secure. The teddy can then be reunited within a matter of hours.

We have recently won some awards from inspiring people such as a #sbs Theo Papahitis award, Jacqueline Gold #wow award and #Queenof award which we are very proud to receive especially as we are a small business and have only been running for 6 months.

We also have our Teddy Forever Range where you can purchase one of our gorgeous soft and cuddly bears (we have 5 different types) and they come with a smart ID tag already attached.We have Alfie The Giraffe, Bramble The Rabbit, Buttercup The Hippo, Peanut The Monkey & Muffin The Lamb all available in our shop www.tagateddy.com/shop.

Our latest range available is our Teddy Forever Bears with cute hoodies in a range of colours that have our smart Id tag embedded into the material. These make a lovely gift and are very popular, all of which are again available at www.tagateddy.com/shop.

I hope that you like our products and if your little one does have a favourite teddy please don’t delay in protecting it. Don’t be the next to be posting lost teddy pictures on the internet. It really is very upsetting when your child loses their teddy, I have been there and now I know I don’t ever have to worry about taking our scruffy lamb with us wherever we go even abroad. No matter where we are he will never be lost or forgotten again.

If you don’t have a child that has a favourite teddy but you like our product and hate seeing pictures of sad children who have unfortunately experienced losing their teddy then please help spread the word that they no longer have to suffer their teddy will be safe if they protect it today with one of our smart ID tags.

Thank you for reading my guest blog post and I hope I have given you a bit more information on why and how Tag A Teddy works.

Jade x





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