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Accommodation and Travel

Small Prints is receiving an increasing number of enquiries from parents & photographers interested in training from all across Scotland and the UK, so below I have added the nearest travel and accommodation  details :

Kildrummy Park Castle Hotel http://

Kildrummy Inn

Travelling by train the nearest stations are at Huntly or Inverurie, both of which then require an onward taxi. I may also be able to help with collection if arranged in advance. If required I can also provide a baby car seat.

Useful resources for pregnant mums & new parents.

The Children's Clinic 

Bringing specialist paediatric clinicians from London's premier children's hospitals to Aberdeen 


Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen – Private Diagnostic Pregnancy Baby Scanning, Women’s and Men’s Health Ultrasound Scanning in Aberdeen

Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen provides high definition diagnostic private pregnancy ultrasound baby scans, Women’s health ultrasound screening and Men’s health ultrasound screening, delivered by a team of highly trained healthcare professionals serving Aberdeen's local community.  Baby scanning services include 13 comprehensive scans from early scans and NIPT Scans through to 4D baby scans.  Whilst the Men and Women’s diagnostic scan range include Pelvic scanning, Abdominal scanning, Stoke screening through to Musculoskeletal scanning.

Appointments are available during the daytime, evenings and weekends. Please visit us to book an appointment online today.

AIMS ( Association for Improvement in Maternity services ) can give help and advice to parents working towards a normal birth, they provide independent support and information about maternity choices, and raise awareness of current research on childbirth and related issues. I myself went to AIMS for support while arranging my own birth choices, and I can highly recommend them for support, advice, and up to date research that may conflict with guidelines quoted to you like they are set in stone.  AIMS is worth a call if you are having trouble arranging the birth you want, or feel like you have hit a brick wall with a consultant or healthcare professional. They can also help you make sense of a birth that perhaps didn't go as you felt it should have. (or any birth you like)

This website is a goldmine of information for parents exploring their options for birth. The site is run by Angela Horn. "The aim of this site is not to persuade you to choose home birth. It's not for everybody, but perhaps it's right for your family. I provide information and opinions about home birth, for parents who think that it might be the right choice for them, and for health professionals looking for resources."


Larger family life

The website is owned and run by Tania Sullivan, Mum of a growing family and author of 'Larger Family Life'   A brilliant resource and meeting place for large families everywhere.

Spinning babies

A goldmine of information on Optimal Fetal positioning. Natural ways to help turn a breech baby and more.

Youtube videos of Mary Cronk MBE

There are many videos on Bernadette Bos's youtube channel ( Bernadette's own site ) but perhaps the most interesting and insightful videos are those featuring Midwife Mary Cronks MBE's wisdom. Mary Cronk has written many articles on midwifery which have covered many topics, such as the delivery of breech babies, and these have been published in Midwifery Matters and AIMS Journal.

While retired she continues to 'Share the Skills' by hosting popular study days alongside fellow independent midwife Jane Evans in a bid to disseminate information on unusual but normal births (for example Breech Birth), to ensure these seldom taught skills are not lost.

Well worth a minute or two of your time to hear her points of view.

I had the honour of a phone conversation with Mary Cronk when I struggled to arrange my first home birth with an (thankfully rare) unsupportive midwife. With the support of AIMS and Mary's gift of her knowledgeable advice, I was able to arrange this and go on to have four of my children at home.

If you have a newborn, baby or children's retailer or other family related business I'd love to hear from you. Regarding opportunities for networking within Small Prints just email me just at


Nearby attractions

Kildrummy Castle Gardens

I very occasionally shoot families or maternity sessions in this beautiful setting, as  I have kind permission to meet clients here for photography sessions when the weather permits. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to take a picnic and spend a few hours relaxing and exploring all the neuks and crannies of the garden.

The gardens are open daily April to October, from 12pm - 5pm. It is also a beautiful setting for an intimate wedding ceremony.