Baby Odin otherwise known as baby 'Olaf'!

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Baby Odin was just so sweet I'm having a ball editing his gallery! So many beautiful shots of him and his big sister too. She loved him being dressed as "Olaf" I hope she has stopped calling him that now, or I'm in trouble! Christmas shots with your newborn are SO much fun. They will never be this small again! 

Newborn Twins rock their newborn session at Small Prints

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It's always a privilege to be asked to photograph a newborn baby, but twice as much of a privilege when I'm asked to document the first early days of twins! It's almost like getting a little sneak peek of how babies would be snuggled together close inside during pregnancy.  

Here is a little preview of our lastest twins in the studio, two beautiful baby girls.

Tips on keeping your session files safe.

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This is just a reminder to back up your digital files regularly. This post was prompted a couple of weeks ago when I was contacted by a family I had photographed around 18 months ago. They had loaded their USB to a laptop and none of the photos would load or show up correctly, this meant they could not view or print from them :-(.

In this case, thank goodness, the laptop was to blame and the files were safe and showed and loaded correctly on another computer. Thankfully I'd kept their files as they were to be printed on some studio samples and displays, so in this case, I'd have been able to help if the worst had happened. But I can not keep files for everyone indefinitely and many images must be deleted to keep our systems working to an optimum. 

However, imagine for a moment if it was the USB that had corrupted. I may not still have your files, as our files are turned over and storage is formatted and overwritten quite regularly due to the demand for my work.

Our USB's are the highest quality, but digital media can not be relied upon as archival storage.


So, here are some tips to minimise the chance of any problems

  • PRINT what is most precious to you (it's your best back up) Albums are great for this as you can show off a large selection of images in a small space.

  • back up ALL the photos in several locations
  1. for example- copy to grandmas house (off site storage) in case of fire, flood, etc.
  2. A copy in the cloud (online storage) accessable from anywhere in the world should you own system fail, or even if you want to share with relatives abroad.
  3. A copy on a hard drive and/or a 'hard' copy on another high-quality USB kept in another location at home.
  • Keep your Small Prints copy as a MASTER copy and check on the files once in a while. Make a copy to print from if using suppliers locally, so that you guard yourself against viruses from systems elsewhere. 
  • Always eject media correctly from your computer before removing from your laptop/pc/mac/laptop
  • Store media in a cool dry dust free place, away from any magnetic fields and extreme temperature fluctuations. Store with any covers supplied placed on the USB components.

Baby Innes - Youngest apprentice builder! Baby photography, Monymusk, Inverurie

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I was delighted to be asked to photography Baby Innes for Emma & Mark. Mark's a builder and owns his own company Mark Paterson Builder Ltd so as well as natural images, we also created some with his new son posed in his builders bucket alongside some of his builders tools. 

Innes rocked his newborn session and was a little charmer, I have a huge gallery and i'm not sure how Mark and Emma will choose which to showcase on their walls. These are just a few of my favourites. 


Young Apprentice - With my Daddies tools

Young Apprentice - With his Daddies tools

In my Daddies hands In Dads safe hands

Little Boys are just MAGIC !

Little boys are just MAGIC ! 

Inne's Dad is also a bit of a magician, and a member of The Magic Circle so we had to bring that through in a themed shot too.

Can you imagine the fun Innes will have at his birthday parties one day?

Even though we bring through themes we also do natural shots, just to show how beautiful babies are just on their own.


This wee crate was brought along by Mark and Emma, Innes will use it as a toy box through the coming years.  

There are much much more images to come ... I can't wait to share those too. 


Baby B - Newborn photography Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire.

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Baby B came with his big brother for his photos, I'd already worked with the family to create his brother's photos. Such handsome boys!

Sure to be little heartbreakers one day. 


Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus Copyright Small Prints Photography 2017newborn photos aberdeen aberdeenshire, moray, angus

Big Sister Isabella comes back with baby sister Freya

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How beautiful are Big sister Isabella, and her baby sister Freya, Isabella was our 'cover baby' and won a Silver award with The Guild Of Photographers in June 2015 look how big she is now! I love welcoming back returning clients, it's so lovely to see big brothers and sisters coming back with the newest additions to the family. 

Isabella & Freya

Baby Freya

Isabella's silver award winning image in June 2015

Baby Cassandra - Baby photos Aberdeen Aberdeenshire

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Beautiful Baby Cassandra rocked her newborn session. 

Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen

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Babybond Aberdeen  part of the UK’s leading diagnostic pregnancy specialist, has been reassuring women throughout every stage of their pregnancy since 1998.


Each pregnancy is different therefore the Babybond Aberdeen Healthcare teams ensure both women and baby get the professional attention needed during the gestation period.



Every Babybond scan have been rigorously designed and developed to ensure they not only provide the comfort and knowledge that you baby is growing as it should be, but also provide the detailed diagnostics, measurement and reporting expected by doctors, midwives and pediatricians, from an inspected and regulated business. 



Babybond provides a full range of 17 diagnostic ultrasound scans to complement every stage of your pregnancy journey, popular baby scans include:

  • Early Scan - From 6 weeks gestation, a 20 minute appointment to determine viability and to identify multiple pregnancies.
  • Gender Scan - Determine the sex of your baby with a comprehensive Babybond wellbeing check.
  • 4D Bonding Scan - Growth and weight estimate with Babybond wellbeing check, colour prints and 4D movie clips.



Whether you’re looking to conceive, require reassurance on baby’s progress or have a concern with your pregnancy.  Book online 24/7 for real-time appointment availability of Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen


Visit to book your scan today. Baby Scans Aberdeen


Susanne’s top tips for an empowering birth experience

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Susanne Grant from Grant Method of Birthing specialises in (Birth) Trauma, PTSD and Body Issues. She has been working all around the world helping women prepare for their birth using the KG Hypnobirthing and runs a “Heal Your Birth” programme for those to help them heal their own birth, or the birth with their little one.She works with clients in and around Aberdeen and shire, and online.


These are Susanne’s top tips for an empowering birth experience:

Tip1) Look into the way you were born

The way we are born into this world can have a long lasting effect on how we experience life and on our believe system. For example, my own birth was a traumatic forceps delivery and my umbilical cord was so tightly around my neck I couldn’t move down. My birth had a deadline, because my sister was a c-section, so I had until the next day to be born. Throughout my life I felt petrified when I was put under time pressure, at university this meant I couldn’t pass most of my exams because of performance anxiety and I needed to re-do many exams. Yet, if there was no time limit, I was absolutely fine. Besides this constant time trigger, I was never able to wear anything around my neck because it would freak me out – for some reason it made me feel unsafe. Time after time my birth was triggered in different situations without realising it, until I did the work to release it.

Tip 2) Hypnobirthing isn’t an easy trick; it is a life style choice

Embracing the possibility to be able to achieve a positive birth experience is a life changing process. To change your mindset is a daily task where you need to put yourself first; today, tomorrow and everyday to come. Fighting for your dreams isn’t selfish but it does require commitment. If you are not willing to fight for what you want, who will?

Tip 3) Don’t give your power away

I believe your partner holds great power in the way you are going to experience the birth and most of them do underestimate the amazing and positive role they can play! I think any birth worker, like myself, will agree with me on this. We have heard it all before when women come to us for support:  

“I am thinking of doing a birth preparation course...”
“I want a home birth, because that’s where I feel safe...”
“I want to hire a doula...”

But my partner doesn’t think it is necessary. Or my partner thinks it is too expensive. Or he believes my birth shouldn't be where I want it to be as he thinks it's not safe. 

 You wouldn’t believe it, if I told you how many times women told me this in just one year! The way a woman gives birth is an experience that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Make sure it is a memory you want to remember! I really believe most of the negative experiences during birth can be avoided with the right preparation and the right support. Whatever this means to your family! Don’t give your power away, but work together to achieve what you want.

Tip 4) Surround yourself with people that want you to succeed!

Having the right support can make or break your birth experience. But what is right for you as a woman? It may be completely differ from my view which is absolutely fine! Trust me, normality comes in many different shape and forms these days. But where do you find positive support? A good place to start may be the Positive Birth Movement, which is a global movement hosting free antenatal classes all around the world. For more information and to find your local group, visit the website []. Together with hypnobirthing Doula Satu I run the group in Aberdeen and Shire, Scotland, and we have a range of freely available resources available in our group and the website [] to help you achieve your own positive birth experience. 

To find out more about Susanne’s Hypnobirthing Course and support for releasing negative believes around past births and future births, please visit her website. []

Baby Brody 6 days new and rocking his baby photography shoot !

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Baby Brody 6 days old and just adorable !

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